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Calli in puppy school In September and October 2005 Calli visited "Puppy school" and she enjoyed most in playing with her schoolmates. She has also learnt some basic skills like: sit, lay down, stay, heel and some other tricks needed for good living in urban area. She likes to learn new things and she is easy to learn but sometimes she just has too much energy and is a bit unpatient as it is normal for puppies. After almost two months of hard work Calli successfully concluded puppy school and got a diploma.
Calli in action In October 2005 as a six-months old puppy Calli started with her first agility lessons in KD Agility Ilirija under excellent instructor and agility competitor Polona Bonač just to get to know the hurdles and she liked them immediately and had no fear. But she started with more serious agility trainings in Autumn 2006 at almost 17 moths of age. She is a very high energy dog and needs action so maybe she will follow the footsteps of her older "sisters" Lejka and Nati. For me it is most important that she has fun and that she enjoys in agility. We had a long pause in autumn 2007 and spring/summer 2008 due to my pregnancy and birth of our son Tosja, so we are more actively practising agility only since September 2008. In December we started competing in Agility Medium 1 category.
Calli in basic obedience school In springtime of 2006 (March till June) Calli continued her education with visiting basic obedience school. In three months she has learnt some basic skills like: sit, lay down, stay, heel and some other tricks needed for good living in urban area. She missed playing with her schoolmates from puppy school, so sometimes she got bored and unmotivated or she was too excited and barked as a result of it. Basic obedience was not very interesting for our black bundle of energy, but it proved to be very useful for everyday's life. After almost three months of hard work Calli successfully concluded basic obedience school with passing basic obedience A exam and getting a diploma.
Calli at therapy dog course Calli is a very friendly and extroverted girl, who loves all people and likes to be cuddled all the time. Those characteristics are needed for a therapy dog. In June 2006 Calli made entrance exam for a course for therapy dogs which was organized by Ambasadorji Nasmeha (Ambassadors of Smiles) which started in September 2006 and was lead by Petra Štrus, Špela Jurišič and Katarina Vertin. The course consisted of several practical tasks and theoretical lecturers and lasted for almost 10 months. At the end the human handlers had theoretical exam and together with the dogs we had the final practical exam (see a movie and the diploma) which was judged by judges from Austrian association Tiere als Therapie. Calli and I were successful enough to be among first certified therapy pairs in Slovenia. Unoffically Calli made many therapy visits and helps children to overcome fear from dogs since she has wonderful personality and is very patient and allows everyone to lift her, hold her, grab her or lay on her. She just enjoys being caressed and talked to and in the autumn 2007 she started with her official work as a therapy dog.

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