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Origins of Garisdene Kennel

Gari Kennel Garisdene was registered with F.C.I. in 1994 as an all-breed kennel and has produced one litter of swedish lapphunds so far.

Probably you wonder where the name Garisdene came from? Well, I'm going to tell you. The name Garisdene is devoted into the loving memory of my first dog Gari, who showed me the wonderful world of dogs and who is responsible for my big love for dogs.

He is no longer with me but a piece of my heart will always belong to him and he will live in my heart forever. He was a very special and brave little doggie and I wanted that through the kennel's name Garisdene he will be part of all my future activities connected with breeding of dogs.

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My First Steps in the World of Dogs

Tadeja Since I can remember I have always loved dogs. The big newfoundland Kim in our neighbourhood was my favourite - probably because of the well-known Slovenian movie »Sreča na vrvici«. He was such a gentle giant and I always saved all my sweets and titbits for him. When I started to go to primary school I always saved meat and titbits from my lunch in the school for him. And my father was not allowed to eat chocolate candies 'bajadera' because they were Kim's favourites.

I wanted my own dog so much but my father was against it while my mother grew up with the dogs and she would allow me to have a dog of my own. My wish to have a dog of my own was becoming greater with every new day. I was talking only about dogs and suddenly my father bought me a Gino Pugnetti's book All About Dogs and I was overhelmed by joy. I knew this was the first step toward a dog of my own.

I liked so many breeds, but most of them were not present in Slovenia at that time. And importing a dog was out of question at that time, because I was too young and also my parents didn't know much about it. My father set the condition that a dog should be small and that it should be a pure breed dog with a pedigree. He is a doctor and he wanted to have a healthy and lovely doggie.

Well when I was about eleven years old and knew I could only have a small doggie yorkshire terriers, silky terriers and pomeranians caught my attention. They lived in our neighbourhood and were very lovely. My mother was for pomeranian, my father and I were fascinated by yorkies who had very lovely bows in their heads.

My mother didn't like yorkie at first but we visited a nice lady who had a yorkie girl and as she would knew what she has to do she jumped into my mother's lap and stayed there - needless to say her heart was captured. Then we only had to find a good breeder of yorkies. And it was hard in Slovenia, because yorkies were very popular then and litters were small. So with the help of our friends we finally got in touch with Mrs. Benedičič from Škofja Loka and reserved a puppy...

Well that's another story and you can read more about it on the pages of my beloved Gari.

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About Us

Our wedding photo

We are Tadeja & Boštjan, a relatively young and happily married couple whose great love and devotion are dogs.We are also proud parents of our lovely daughter Lana and son Tosja. We live in Ljubljana, which is the capital of small country on the sunny side of the Alps - Slovenia. We live in Dravlje and near our home there are meadows and forrests where our dogs can run freely and release their excessive energy.

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Our Address

Europe E-mail:

Regular mail:

Tadeja Sila Drobnič
Vodnikova 229
SI-1000 Ljubljana


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