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Happy 8th birthday our lovely Calli Today our Calli is celebrating her 8th Birthday and she certainly doesn't show her age. She is still very puppylike, always happy, gentle, sweet and ready for action. She is still very playful and likes to play with her squeezing toys and she also likes to train her brains with Nina Ottoson smart games. Since she is very obedient we can have her off leash almost all the time and she enjoys free running in the woods and parks. She is very gentle with our kids Lana and Tosja altough she and Lana are best friends since they are both very gentle and sweet girls. Calli doesn't care much for food but she thrives on cuddling and caressing and is most happy when people talk to her and caress her. At evenings she likes to cuddle in my lap and licking my face and at nights she likes to sleep in bed with us. She is for sure one of the optimistic creatures I've ever met and she lights up our lives with her presence, her friendliness and her gentleness. She is a true sunshine of our lives and we wish her many more Happy B'Days and hope Calli will stay with us for many more years.

Happy 13th Birthday our sweet teenager Nati Today Nati became teenager as she is celebrating her 13th Birthday. She is still a very beautiful, dignified and proud lady who likes long walks in the forrest, outings in the nature and playing with our children Lana and Tosja and with us. Altough she lost some teeth she still indulges in food and never misses and opportunity to get a titbit or two from the table. She doesn't see, hear and smell as good as she used to anymore but that doesn't cause her any problems. Her Cushing disease is with the help of medications well controlled and in remission and we hope it stays so as long as possible. She is a very brave girl living her life to the fullest and never giving up. She is still the most indiscreet beggar at my table and the lady with the softest velvet look in her eyes and the loveliest smiling face and we all love her very much. She is our little velvet teddy bear and we hope that she will stay with us for some more time.

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