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Grooming Needs
Lapphunds have a natural two-layer coat that provides excellent weather protection against cold and wet weather, and actually also against hot summer conditions.

For a heavy coated breed, the Swedish Lapphund requires surprisingly little grooming. The outer coat is very coarse and because of this does not tend to matt or knot like some of the softer coated breeds. The thick weatherproof undercoat protects them extremely well against all kinds of weather conditions. The coat is naturally preserved with grease from the glands at the hair folliciles. This grease makes the coat water and snow repellant, and the dog can even take a swim without getting wet to the skin. The thick coat also doesn't collect sand, leaves, dirt or other items.

The thick coat needs no other care except regular brushing on a weekly basis, which helps to keep the tangles out.

If you want to show your Swedish Lapphund the hock feathering is usually trimmed for neatness, but no other stripping or trimming is required.

Swedish Lapphund does not have the »dog-smell«. Its coat is odourless even when it is wet.

Because Lapphund is a natural double-coated breed it's coat sheds heavily twice a year, but in between hardly a hair falls out. In shedding periods it is wise to comb out all the old undercoat, so the new coat will have a place to grow in.

If you want to bathe your Lapphund then it is time to do that when all the old undercoat has been combed out and the dog has only the outer coat. This way you won't damage the thick undercoat. But it is wise not to bathe your Lapphund more than once or twice a year. And if you decide to bathe it use only water or a very gentle shampoo. You must keep in mind that by using any kind of shampoo or soap or detergent on the coat - this will wash away the protective grease and the coat will no longer be water repellant and protect the dog from being soaked - and hence getting cold in wet weather.

So it is also not wise to use cosmetical grooming products (powder, sprays, lacquers) on dog shows. You must remember that Lapphund is a natural breed and should be also shown in the natural way - the way it is - it is the most beautiful. Use only brush and comb and maybe a little water to prevent coat from breaking.

Lapphunds have excellent ability to keep themselves nice and clean. The grease being produced by the follicle glands provide a steady slow transport of dirt from the skin and out to the tips of the hair, so the coat constantly cleans itself from within - a very practical measure that totally eliminates any need for ever bathing the Lapphund. The only exception would be that the dog has got into an oil spill or other kinds of man-made chemicals because nature did not provide a protection mechanism for that.

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