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Nati's first contact with agility was as a very young puppy at Raidis place in Boden. As a two months old puppy she liked running through tunnels with a ball in her mouth. But she firstly get in real touch with agility when she was about 6 months old. And since then we are practising agility on a recreational level. Nati is a very strong minded girl and not always ready for agility. She can do good agility if she is in the mood, but there are many other interesting things that can distract her attention. She always thinks first why she should jump or do slalom or whatever like most polar breeds. So we are doing agility for Nati's joy and pleasure only, because we like our happy girl the way she is.

In June 2004 Nati and Boštjan started competing in agility A1 Medium class. Nobody believed that Nati will ever finish the course but against all odds Nati surprised everyone (including us!) with winning 5th place on her first ever agilty competition for Eukanuba Cup of Slovenia in Ljutomer. Good start gave us joy and inspired us to take part on other competitions. Below are the results and some photos from the competitions.

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Results from 2006

Level: A1
Category: Medium

26.8.2006Ljubljana, Slovenia Ivana Kirik3rd
3.6.2006Maribor, Slovenia Cvetka Gorjan6th
18.3.2006Prestranek, Slovenia Mirja Lapanja2nd
18.2.2006Prestranek, Slovenia Sonja Rozman Bizjak3rd

Competitions in 2005

Ložnica near Žalec, Slovenia

Dog Club Pluton organized 4th competition for Slovenian Championship in Ložnica. After several months Nati and Boštjan competed again very successfully. Nati won the competition in A1 Medium class with a clean run in agility (1st place) and almost clear run in jumping (2nd place). She proved that she is not just a beautiful lady but also a good working girl. We are very proud on our all-purpose girl. See official results.

Results from 2004

Level: A1
Category: Medium

4.9.2004Zagorje, Slovenia Sašo Novak7th
5.6.2004Ljutomer, Slovenia Mitja Žnidarič5th

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