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What can I say about Nati? Nati is a lovely black teddy bear girl and is a very special and a very hearty doggie. She posses that something extra which makes her loved by everyone. She is very outgoing and very friendly to all people no matter how they behave toward her. She thinks people are made to love and feed the dogs. She is somewhat independend and very self-assured lady. She knows no fear. In so many ways she reminds me on Gari and sometimes I have a feeling that she is his reincarnation. Well I know that this is only in my mind but they have so many things in common and do so many things the same way. Though I must admitt Nati is much more modest and usual dog than Gari was. Nati doesn't care if people admire her and tell her how beautiful she is, she simply greets people, give them kisses and let them caress her - she is even happier if they give her a tiny piece of food.

Nati is a very easy going and totally uncomplicated baby. Thanks to Birgit and Kurt (her breeders) she has a great temperament and great mentality. She is perfectly socialized and very adaptable. She feels well in any circumstances. In her short life she has travelled by plane, bus, train, metro in Paris, boat and of course car with no problems. We can take her everywhere because of her pleasant manners. She is going to seaside, mountains, lakes with us and she loves swimming and free runnings in the forrest. She is the happiest girl when she can run freely over vales and dales in the forrest or in the nature, where she can release her excessive energy and chase small animals - mouses, hedgehogs and squirrels. Seeing a big smile on her face always makes me very happy.

Her only problem is food. She loves food, all kinds, so we must watch her diet. She is my first dog who eats dog food from dog cans and she also eats fruits (her favourite fruit is melon like mine), vegetables (carrots, cauliflower, broccoli), yoghourt, cheese and of course meat. Every day she drinks milk like a cat. She is a very funny dog indeed. She is the most indiscret beggar at my table. And she is spoiled because her greedy eyes always melt my heart. Nati has no drawbacks known except good memory for all things which includes also bad dogs. She is very friendly to dogs - but if they behave bad to her or growl at her then she remembers and hit back when she gets a second chance.

And she has a mind of her own, but for food she will do just anything. She is a very quick learner and she learnt some new tricks just by watching other dogs doing them - she is very intelligent and curious girl. Everything new draws her attention. She can just sit or stay for some time and stare at all those new and interesting things.

She likes to roll on her back and sing and if she wants to be carressed she will jump on the bed, roll on her back and start singing and when I caress her she is smiling. If you have never been owned by a Lappie you don't know what I'm talking about but I must tell you that Lappies are very vocal dogs and they tell everything with their voice. I have never seen such behaviour in other dogs.

She has brought so much sunshine into our lives that we can not imagine how boring a life without Nati would be like. She is our charming pixie, always ready for action and always full of surprises.

She loves our children Lana and Tosja very much and she is very gentle and tender with them. She usually sleeps under Tosja's bed and watches over him. She is truly a wonderful dog for babies. She is always happy and always very friendly and is a very modest girl so we all love her very much.

Once again we express our sincere thanks to Birgit and Kurt for letting us have this charming pixie.

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