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Besides Nati's titles that are listed below, you can also see some photos from the shows as well as show critics of Nati by several judges.

Puppy class
(6 - 9 months)

European Puppy Champion - Poznan, Poland, 2000
Middle East European Puppy Winner - Zagreb, Croatia, 2000
1 x Best in Show Puppy in a tough competition of 70 puppies on Middle East European Cup, Zagreb, 2000
1 x Reserve Best In Show Puppy, Trbovlje, 2000

Nati in Zagreb, Croatia in 2000
BIS Puppy
Zagreb, Croatia, 2000
Judge: Boris Špoljarić, Croatia

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Junior class
(9 - 15 months)

Junior Champion Of Croatia
Junior Champion Of Italy - Giovane Promessa E.N.C.I.
Junior Champion Of Slovenia
Junior Champion Of Austria

Nati in Milano, Italy in 2001
Best Junior, BOB, Milano 2001
Judge: Renee Sporre-Willes, Sweden

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Open and Champion class
(over 15 months)

Champion Titles

FCI European Champion 2005
FCI European Champion 2003
International Champion
Champion of Italy
Champion of Slovakia
Champion of Czech Republic
Champion of Austria
Champion of Hungary
Champion of Luxembourg
Champion of Germany - VDH
Champion of Germany - DCNH(German Club for Nordic dogs)
Champion of Romania
Champion of Croatia
Champion of Slovenia
Champion of Monaco
Champion of San Marino
Champion of Poland
Double Champion of Bosnia-Herzegovina
Champion of Switzerland
Champion of Serbia and Montenegro
Champion of Bulgaria
Champion of Macedonia
Grand Champion of Hungary
Hungarian Show Champion
Grand Champion of Slovakia
Vice World Champion 2003
Vice FCI European Champion 2002

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Winner Titles

Euro Dog Winner, Kortrijk, Belgium 2001, 2002
Austrian-Hungarian Winner 2001, 2002
VDH Europasieger 2002
German Bundessieger 2002
Austrian Bundessieger 2002
Czech Bundessieger 2002
Winner Championat De France 2002
Winner Of Cup Of Romania 2002
Middle East European Winner 2002
Middle European Winner 2001 & 2002
Club Winner Switzerland 2001
Club Winner Germany 2001
Winner Baden-Wüttemberg 2001
Alpe Adria Winner 2002
Top dog Lapphund in Italy 2001
Top Dog of FCI Group V in Slovenia 2002
5th Top Dog of all breeds in Slovenia 2002
Res. BIS, German clubshow for Nordic breeds 2001
3rd BIS, German clubshow for Nordic breeds 2001
Multi CAC, CACIB, BOB winner and group placements

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Veteran class
(over 8 years)

Champion Titles

Veteran World Champion 2009
Veteran Champion of Slovakia

Winner Titles

Veteran Slovenian Club Winner 2009

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German clubshow for Nordic breeds
German clubshow for Nordic breeds, 2001
Judge: Dr. Wilfried Peper, Germany
German clubshow for Nordic breeds
German clubshow for Nordic breeds, 2001
Judge: Volker Schön, Germany
Dortmund, Germany
VDH-Europasieger 2002
Dortmund, Germany, 2002
Judge: Rudi Hardtmann, Germany
Luxembourg, 2002
Judge: Christiane Broecker, Luxembourg
Arad, Romania
Middle East European Winner 2002
Arad, Romania, 2002
Judge: Josef Nemec, Czech Republic
Luzern, Switzerland
Luzern, Switzerland, 2003
Judge: Maya Delaquis, Switzerland

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Puppy class

CAC Trbovlje, Slovenia 27th August 2000 - Nati's first show
Classification: very promising, Second Best puppy in show
»A very typical bitch of excellent proportions. Beautiful head, correct bite, full dentition. Good ears and tail. Very good substance and very strong bones. Fluent and abundandt movement.«
Miklos Farkashazi, Hungary

European Dog Show CACIB Poznan, Poland 28th October 2000
Classification: excellent 1, European Puppy Champion
»Very typical bitch of excellent proportions. Excellent head and expression. Strong bones, good developed body. Correct top and underline. Correct tail. Excellent angulation of front and back legs. Very good movement. Very good quality and colour of the coat.«
Ralf Campbell, Norway

CACIB Zagreb - Middle East European Cup, Croatia 19th November 2000
Classification: very promising - Middle East European Cup Puppy Winner, Best Puppy in Show (BIS Puppy) in a tough competition of 70 puppies
»8 months old, correct built, beautiful head and expression, for her age good top line and back, correct angulation of front and back legs, correct stand, good coat and pigmentation, very good contact with her handler.«
Vibor Ježek, Croatia

Junior class

CACIB Milano, Italy 14th January 2001
Classification: excellent 1, Best Junior, BOB
»Nice proportions. Excellent expression and head. Strong bones. Good coat. Moves OK for her age.«
Renee Sporre-Willes, Sweden

CACIB Graz, Austria, 3rd March 2001
Classification: excellent 1, Best Junior, BOB
»Harmonical built bitch, already very good developed body, typical head, beautiful brown eyes, very good pigmentation, excellent angulations, very beautiful paralel stand, fluent and harmonical movement, correct tail, typical coat.«
Steffi Kirsbichler, Austria

CACIB Ljubljana, Slovenia, 28th April 2001
Classification: excellent 1, Best Junior, BOB
»Very good construction, very good substance, excellent head, very good angulations, correct top line, deep underline. Fluent movement.«
Robert Pollet, Belgium

CAC Hrušica, Slovenia, 20th May 2001
Classification: excellent 1, Best Junior, BOB, 4. BOG
»Very lovely female, good quality and type, perfect in size and body, typical head, ears in good position, scisscor bite-full dentition, deep chest, good middle-long front, good upper line, tail correct, coat of good quality, lovely character, good in movement, nicely presented.«
Marto Steinbacher, Austria

Open and champion class

CACIB Stuttgart, Germany, 1st September, 2001
Classification: Excellent 1, VDH.Ch.A, CAC-DCNH, CACIB, BOB, Sieger Baden-Wüttemberg
»18 month old, already very harmonical built, feminine very expressive head mit dark round eyes, excellent ears and pigmentation, already very good depth and width of chest, perfect angulations, middle strong bones, abundant, very fluent and paralel movement. Correct hair quality and colour«
Gerda Kastl, Germany

CACIB Lendava, Slovenia, 22th September 2001
Classification: excellent 1, CAC, CACIB, BOB
»Very typical in head, eyes and ears, straight front, excellent top line, slightly long in loins, correct rear angulation and tail, not in full coat, a sound and honest bitch, moving very well in both ends.«
Terry Thorn, Great Britain

Special show of German Club For Nordic Dogs, CAC Oberhausen/Rheinhausen, Germany, 30th September 2001
Classification: VDH.Ch.A., CAC-DCNH, BOB, Reserve Best In Show
»Complete dentition, scisscors bite, excellent substance, harmonical built bitch, excellent head, excellent proportions of the body, excellent angulations, excellent top and under line, excellent strong bones, excellent paws, excellent coat and colour, Fluent and abundant movement, presented in best condition.«
Wilfried Pepper, Germany

Clubshow of Swiss Club For Nordic Dogs, CAC Payerne, Switzerland, 14th October 2001
Classification: excellent 1, CAC, Club Winner, BOB
»Beautiful type, excellent proportions in head with excellent rounded skull, very beautiful expression, excellent eyes and very good form of paws. Very good angulations of front and back legs, very good developed body. Good coat and colour. Correct movement.«
Nancy van Gelderen, Netherland

CACIB Monte Carlo, Monaco, 31st March 2002
Classification: excellent 1, CAC, CACIB, BOB
»2 years old female, very typical and of excellent substance. Excellent character. Very good developed and proportionate body. Strong bones. Beautiful neck/ top line. Very beautiful feminine head, correct eyes, ears and bite; full dentition. Excellent movement and presentation.«
Lisbeth Mach, Switzerland

CACIB Portorož, Slovenia, 8th June 2002
Classification: excellent 1, CAC, CACIB, BOB
»Quite big, very compact, out of coat today what makes her look leghier than she is. Correct shape of head, well placed ears, dark eyes and very nice expression. Excellent bones and angulations, excellent top line and tail, moves very well, correct texture of the coat.«
Paula Heikkinen-Lehkonen, Finland

CACIB San Marino, San Marino, 10th May 2003
Classification: excellent 1, CAC, CACIB, BOB
»Very beautiful, typical bitch, feminine expression, very beautiful head, good position and carriage of ears, good eyes, complete scissors bite, very good front, very beautiful and firm back, good set on and carried tail , excellent angulation, good coat, moves very well, very attractive and friendly.«
Marto Steinbacher, Austria

World Dog Show CACIB Dortmund, Germany, 29th May 2003
Classification: excellent 2, R.CAC, R.CACIB, Vice World Champion
»Beautiful champion, excellent type, a little bit on the heavy side, very well angulated, excellent bone, good feet, moves very well, good coat condition.«
Eivind Mjaerum, Norway

CACIB Luzern, Switzerland, 22nd June 2003
Classification: excellent 1, CAC, CACIB, BOB
»3 years old typical representative of her breed, harmonical built; excellent shaped head with typical expression; excellent set-on and carried ears; complete scissors bite; excellent pigmentation; excellent top and under line; excellent angulation of front and back legs; firm and level back; excellent set-on and carried tail of correct length; excellent coat and color quality with typical wooly undercoat; excellent substance of bones; for the moment a little bit on the heavy side; light and fluent movement; trustful and very friendly temperament.«
Maya Delaquis, Switzerland

Eurodogshow Bratislava, Slovakia, 3rd October 2003
Classification: excellent 1, CAC, CACIB, FCI European Champion, BOB
»Very strong and typical female. Very good depth and width of chest and forechest. Head with brown eyes. Correct stand and movement.«
Hans Wiblishauser, Germany

Veteran class

CAC ClubShow Celje, Slovenia 22nd February 2009
Classification: excellent 1,Veteran ClubWinner
»9 years old female in good condition, could be a little slimer, correct set on and carried tail, excellent coat, excellent forechest, excellent topline, excellent angulations, free movement.«
Erwin Deutscher, Austria

World dog Show Bratislava, Slovakia 8th October 2009
Classification: excellent 1, Veteran World Winner
»strong female, excellent neck, very good strong body, excellent chest and angulation, excellent movement«
Revaz Komasuridze, Russia

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