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Because Nati was meant to be also a show lady I started to train her for shows since she was a puppy. And what a pleasure is now to show her. She loves dog judges and is happy to have many hands on her.

Her first show was at a tender age of 5 months in puppy class (3-6 months) on CAC show in Trbovlje, Slovenia where she behaved like a big girl and got very promising and became second best puppy on show. Later she made some shows in the youngest class for puppies from 6 to 9 months. She won BIS (Best In Show) puppy in a tough competition of 70 puppies on Central East European Cup in Zagreb,Croatia in November 2000. She also became European puppy champion in Poznan, Poland that year with a mark excellent. Norwegian judge Ralf Campbell wanted to give her BOB but puppies don't get such titles.

Her career continued in Junior class where she captured enough Best Junior titles to become Junior Champion of Croatia, Slovenia, Italy and Austria. With only 15 months and 10 days NATI got her first CAC and CACIB in Klagenfurt and opened her Austrian and International Championship. She matured very quickly and developed into a strong and beautiful girl with a very beautiful head and sound movements.

Her winning strikes on shows continued, altough there has been some drawbacks. As you know that beauty is in the eye of beholder and since Nati is just a normal girl and since judges are only humans it is normal that everybody doesn't like her. But in the eyes of breed specialist judges she is a very typical and beautiful lapphund, which is most important for me.

Lapphunds are rare outside Scandinavium so we must forgive some judges for not knowing the breed well. She became Champion of Italy with only 21 months of age and Champion of Slovakia one month later. Then followed other Championship titles - you can read more about Nati's show results.

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