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Two new champions in Bratislava
We travelled to Bratislava, which hosted this year's World dog show. Our black girls Calli and Nati both enjoyed the show very much and they presented themselves really excellently in the showring. Nati became Veteran World Winner and also Veteran Champion of Slovakia so we are very happy and proud on our super lady who is still going stron and was running like a young girl in the ring. Calli had to be satisfied with CAC and Res.CACIB altough she showed off herself perfectly but judge's decisions in our ring were sometimes very strange in several breeds he judged as it is often happening on big shows. Nevertheless we are very happy and proud on our beautiful baby Calli who made a strong comeback to the showrings after her recent illness and injury. With winning her third CAC in Champion class she is now proud holder of the title Grand Champion of Slovakia in beauty.

Calli won CAC, CACIB and BOB in Debrecen
Last weekend in August Calli travelled to Hungary with Lana and was successful again. This time on her own and in hands of experienced professional handler she pleased at the judge and won CAC, CACIB and BOB. We are very grateful to Lana who took wonderful care of Calli during whole journey and of course proud on our sweet black bundle of joy and energy.

A successful summer show weekend in Bratislava
This weekend our girls Nati and Calli visited two international dog shows known as "DuoDanube" in Bratislava, capital of Slovakia. Calli pleased at the judges both days and won CAC, CACIB and BOB titles both days, while Nati got Best Veteran title on Sunday. Despite being without shows for a long time they both behaved great and as always enjoyed the relaxed atmosphere at the shows. We also had great time walking by the lake in Zlate Piesky where we were staying.

Nati is Hungaria Show Champion
Today our black beauty Nati received an ornamented diplomma and a beautiful cup from Hungary as now she is a proud holder of the title »Hungaria Show Champion«. We are very proud on our pixie as this title is quite hard to achieve.

Calli as a therapy dog visited children in Okroglo near Kranj
Today our "Ambassador of smiles" Calli visited children with special needs and their parents who were on a weekend seminar, organized by Alliance of blind and visually impaired persons of Slovenia, which was held in Okroglo, Kranj. We both had a great afternoon there. The visit was more of Animal Assistance Activity nature and Calli enjoyed very much as she had great company of some very active and lively children who told her what to do and gave titbits for tasks done successfully. There were many children with different needs but all of them were able and willing to pet Calli and get a kiss from her in return. Some of the kids took her for a walk and she enjoyed immensely running with a very lively 6-years old boy as they both have tons of energy. She also lend herself as a pillow for the other boy who was at first scared of dogs but soon he put his head on Calli's back and enjoyed hugging and caressing her. She was also very gentle with children in wheelchairs who showed their appreciation with big smiles on their faces and voices of satisfaction. I felt so great knowing that with Calli we made a day full of smiles and happiness for many children who don't have dog company everyday and who feel neglected, misunderstood and unloved in our society where mostly only normal things are tolerated. Those children are really sweet and gentle and I hope that together with Calli who adores them we will help in making them many more happy and smiling days.

Happy 4th Birthday our eternal child Calli
Today our black bundle of joy and endless energy is celebrating her 4th Birthday. I can't believe that my sweet Calli is already 4 years old as she still behaves very puppylike. Despite being a great show queen and a certified therapy dog she is a child at heart with very sweet and happy personality. She is the most optimistic and unselfish little creature I have ever seen. She is always happy, attentive and always ready for action, so no wonder she just adores long walks in the forrest, running vale over dale, swimming in any kind of water and doing agility often by her own rules. I must admitt she captured my heart completely because she is always a happy-go-lucky girl. She would trade food for cuddling and caressing which is very untypical for lappies and on walks she will never go on a romp of her own. Being always by my side she can be off leash in most areas, she carries many herding instincts in her but luckily no hunting ones and she gets excited very quickly and is very playful what I like very much about her. She enjoys cuddling in my lap and she will shower everyone with wet kisses, if one would only allow her to do so. When strangers talk to her or show appreciation she just runs to them and ask them for some cuddling and gives some kisses. Her characteristics makes her an ideal therapy dog and an ideal companion for all members of our family. She adores Lana and usually sleeps in her bedroom and Lana often claims Calli is her dog. They are wonderful friends. She also loves Tosja very much and she kisses him all over but she is not too happy when the little boy starts pulling her coat out thus she is only patiently waiting that somebody would stop him. She is a very funny little baby who always makes us smile with the things she does. Like Nati she is also very delighted upon Dog Activity toys and Dog Fighter is her favourite game. She also likes to play with Nati when Nati is in the mood for playing. She is truly a wonderful little lady and we hope that together we will spent many happy moments and many lovely years.

Calli won CAC, CACIB, BOB in Frejus
A day after dog show in Monaco was held we drove to the lovely town Frejus, situated on Midi Cote d'Azur. Calli again won judge's heart and with that also tickets CAC, CACIB, BOB. We were lucky that judging was finished at 9 'clock in the morning, so we had plenty of time to discover the neighbourhood of the showgrounds. We spent most time on a sandy beach where Calli enjoyed immensely, we went to the park where she played with other dogs and we also walked around this lovely town. Maybe we will return someday for our family summer holidays, as Frejus is really a very lovely and picturesque litlle town.

Calli is Champion of Monaco
Following the footsteps of her »older sisters« Lejka and Nati our black bundle of joy Calli is also a proud holder of the title »Champion de Beaute de Monaco« from today on. Coming back to Monte Carlo dog show after her first win two years ago she pleased at the judge also this time and with winnig her second set of titles CAC, CACIB and BOB she fulfilled the conditions needed for Champion de Monaco. She enjoyed the show and spent a lovely time in the park and city Monte Carlo and she also played with finnish lapphunds from Belgium and havanese from France. She also took a trip to Nice which is a beautiful town.

Lejka lives on in dog books
Our beloved Lejka left us 20 months ago and we still miss her terribly. But she will always live in our hearts and thus she will never be forgotten. She is also presented in various dog books so also future fanciers will be able to see her photos, as she was one of the most beautiful laekenois females in the history of the breed. In the just recently published book titled "Obiettivo zootecnico sul cane da pastore belga. Groenendael, tervueren, malinois, laekenois" written by Fabio C. Fioravanzi (who is a well known breeder of belgians and journalist and writer) there are also some photos of our beloved Lejka.

Calli took part on Agility 4 Fun Competition
Today Calli took part on Agility4Fun competition which was held just few miles away from Novo mesto in the equestrian school sport centre Češča vas. Also Lana went with us this time and was happy to see several different horses and dogs and to jump on the trampoline. Calli was in good mood and she behaved very nicely around horses and hadn't barked at all. The official part of Agility 4 Fun competition was held outside on the grass, and an additional and optional agility course was set outside on sand in manege. Calli took part in agility and jumping competition on the grass and did very good job. We got 5 penalty points in both agility and jumping run which were mostly my fault. On an agility course in the manege Calli was excellent and ran very well but we were disqualified because clumpsy me forgot the course. The competition was excellently organized, the food was delicious also, there was a lot of space so we all spent a nice day in company of dogs, horses and friends.

Calli visited Lana and her friends in kindergarden
Today Calli and I visited Lana and her friends in kindergarden as she is also certificated pet therapy dog. We had great time with children. Some kids were afraid of the dogs in general, but all of them made close contacts with Calli and we managed that each kid caressed Calli and felt her soft coat. Most of the kids also gave her titbits and told her simple commands (sit, lay down, roll-over, turn around, give me five, show in which hand a titbit is hidden etc.) she had to perform to get a titbit from them. Some children also brushed her and pleasure was evident on both sides. But of course agility delighted them most and they wanted Calli to run agility courses over and over again. The bravest ones also run agility together with Calli and me and they enjoyed it very much. Calli also felt wonderful in the company of so many little people and a 2-hour long visit was way to short for the lively kids and Calli.

Nati has healthy eyes
During the show in Munich, we also took the opportunity and examined Nati's eyes by certificated ophtalmologist from ECVO. ECVO has established a uniform Eye Certificate which is now in use in several EU countries. Her eyes were examined for several presumed eye diseases and were foound to be free of all those diseases. We are so happy to know that our beloved Nati still has healthy eyes and good vision.

Calli is Double German Champion On a sunny but cold Sunday we took a trip to Germany to take part on the International dog show in Munich. The show was held in Olympiahalle and only Calli was shown. She pleased at the judge and impressed him, and with winning her fifth set of VDH.CH.A., CAC, CACIB and BOB on shows in Germany she has also fulfilled all requirements for becoming German VDH Champion and German DCNH Club Champion so we are very happy and proud on our black bundle of endless joy and energy. We spent a nice day on the show and we also took the time to walk around the lake and the whole Olypiapark.

Happy 9th Birthday our lovely lady Nati Today our sweet lady Nati is celebrating her 9th Birthday and she is still a very proud and smart lady who enjoys most being our companion and being a nanny of our baby son Tosja. He can drag her ears or tail or pull her coat and he only gets wet kisses from Nati in return. When it's feeding time for Tosja, Nati always patiently sits at his table waiting for some left overs. But Tosja is a very witty boy and he feeds her intentionally by dropping pieces from his hands to Nati. The two of them are wonderful friends who also enjoy playing together. When Tosja is in bad mood, Nati would roll herself on her back and start singing, and immediately Tosja stars smiling out loud. Yes, Nati is truly a wonderful and very patient lady who just adores kids. She also became more playful in the last year and she even started to play with dog toys she never liked before and of course she still likes to play with Calli. She is very delighted upon Dog Activity toys and Dog Brick mixed with Dog Smart is her favourite game. On walks she became more obedient altough she still likes to take a free run from time to time but she finds us in 10 minutes or less. From time to time she still runs an agility course with joy in her eyes and sometimes she still visits a dog show or do some obedience. But most of all she enjoys her life being our companion and great friend taking part in all our activities. She is still the most indiscreet beggar at my table and the lady with the softest velvet look in her eyes and the loveliest smiling face and we all love her very much. She is our little velvet teddy bear and we hope that she will stay with us for many more years.

Calli has healthy hips and elbows
Today we x-rayed Calli's hips and elbows and the results were just fantastic. Her hip score is HD A, which means she is free of hip dysplasia and her elbow score is ED 0, which means she is also free of elbow dysplasia. So she can run and jump and do what she loves most as much as she wants.

Calli is new Italian Champion in Beauty On a sunny Saturday we made a trip to a lovely small Italian town Gonzaga, which hosted an International dog show. The judge Mr. Petru Muntean from Romania was totally delighted about Calli, who won her final "full package" CAC, CACIB and BOB needed for closing her Italian Championship in Beauty. We liked the relaxed atmosphere of the show and the spacious meadows outside showgrounds, and of course talking with our old Italian friends was also very nice.

Nati is Veteran Club Winner and Calli Club Winner in Celje As our daughter Lana wanted to see how a dog show looks like and she also wanted to present her dog on a show we decided to take her to Celje where our Club organized a Special show for all breeds belonging to FCI Group V. So we showed our both black girls Nati and Calli. Nati became Veteran Club Winner and run very nicely with Lana who showed her very well for the first time, while our little imp Calli became Club Winner and Best of Breed. Afterwards Lana and I watched different breeds of dogs and Lana's favourites were chihuahua, yorkie, chinese crested dogs and poodles. It was so nice meeting many old friends and chatting with them. Our black girls also got some titbits and a new activity toy Dog Fighter.

Calli's first clear agility run Today on Saint Valentine's Day Calli took part on Third Competition for Eukanuba Winter Cup, which was organized in manege in Prestranek, Slovenia. In agility we had our first clear run and were leading, but in jumping we were unfortunately disqualified, so at the end we were not placed. Despite that I was very pleased with Calli's runs. Beside making first condition for upper A2 level, we spent a wonderful sunny day there and made many long walks in the beautiful nature. Also Nati accompanied us and enjoyed the sunny day and walkings through beautiful nature very much.

Calli successfully started her quest for Czech Championship This weekend Calli and I travelled to Brno with our two friends and their dogs. We participated on two International Dog Shows on Saturday and on Sunday. It was Calli's first visit of Czech Republic while I came to Brno again after 7 years. The shows hosted almost 10.000 dogs and were very well organized. Both days Calli showed herself almost perfectly and won CAC, CACIB and BOB and thus first two tickets toward her Czech Championship Title. The organizors of the shows were also very generous with the prizes as it is tradition in Czech Republic so we returned home with two medals and four beautiful cups. Calli especially enjoyed on Saturday when we had almost a sunny spring day running free on the grass near showgrounds and playing with other dogs. I was also pleasantly surprised by many visitors who knew the lapphund breed and made several photos of our black lady. We also had great time outside show grounds and will remember Brno as one of nicest destinations. So I am sure we will return here someday.

Calli continues her winning streak on shows in Germany This weekend Calli and I travelled to Nuernberg with our two friends and their dogs. We participated on International Dog Show and in within that also the Special show of German Club for Northern Breeds with their special judge was organized. Calli pleased at the judge and behaved nicely enough to win VDH.CH.A., CAC (DCNH), CACIB and BOB so she made me very happy and proud again. She had many admirers on the show and had to pose for the camera several times. Many people were very interested in her and we talked a lot about Lappies. Calli of course got many titbits and was cuddled by many visitors so she enjoyed the show a lot. We met a nice man who had a Lappie twenty years ago and we enjoyed talking to our friends with finnish Lappies,Lapinporokoiras and other Nordic dogs.

Calli started her show season 2009 with becoming Champion of Austria This weekend Calli travelled to Innsbruck with my friend Lana, who is a young and excellent professional dog handler to take part on two dog shows called AlpenCup. She was first time away on her own but she behaved great and won CAC and BOB on National dog show on Saturday and CAC, CACIB and BOB on International dog show on Sunday. She also became AlpenCup Winner and she fullfilled conditions for becoming Champion of Austria in beauty. We are very happy and very proud on our little black lady. I owe a big thank you to Lana, who took wonderful care of Calli during whole journey and who of course presented her perfectly in the showring.

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