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Calli took part on agility competition in Prestranek Today Calli made her real start on agility competitions taking part on First Competition aka "Christmas competition" for Eukanuba Winter Cup, which was organized in manege in Prestranek, Slovenia. In agility we had 10 penalty points and placed fourth, in jumping we were disqualified because of tyre refusal for three times. Despite that I was very pleased with Calli's runs. We spent a very nice sunny day there and made many walks in the beautiful nature.

Successful end of show season in Wels, Austria Together with my friend Missa and her beautiful Twisty Nati, Calli and me visited last shows this year in Wels, Austria. The shows in Austria are always well organized and there is always a rich offer of several doggy things so it is always very nice to visit them. This year they organized two CACIB shows on Saturday and on Sunday. Calli took part on both shows and both days she won CAC, CACIB and BOB. She enjoyed both shows very much and presented herself perfectly. Nati was shown only on Sunday and it was her first show after almost a year and a half. She presented herself very nicely and was very happy to be on the show again so she won Best Veteran tucket and is on her way to Austrian Veteran Champion. Beside showing we made long walks by the lake near showgrounds and we also visited Christmas market in Linz.

First snow this autumn - a walk through winter wonderland Today we took Nati and Calli on a long walk in the forrest. They were jumping of joy on the freshly fallen snow, playing together, running and digging under the snow. They just love snow and wintertime and I am so happy when I watch my girls running and dancing on the snow. Some winter photos you can find here.

Calli is Grand Champion of Bulgaria and and was 3rd BOG in Plovdiv Another day in Plovdiv brought another success to Calli on International dog show, where she won CAC, CACIB, BOB and 3rd Best of Group and thus became also Grand Champion of Bulgaria. Two Champion Titles in just two days is just an awesome achievement for our little black bundle of joy who always finds ways to make us happy.

Calli is Champion of Bulgaria and and was 2nd BOG in Plovdiv Together with my friend Missa and her dogs and Nadija and her dogs Calli and me took a long journey to Plovdiv, Bulgaria. Having a day-off reserved for sight-seeing and enjoying on Friday, Calli had a very busy day on Saturday. In the morning she participated on Special show for nothern dogs which was organized by Northern dogs of Bulgaria Kennel Club and won CAC, Club Winner and BOB under a special judge Paul Stanton from Sweden, who was caressing, kissing and touching her all the time he was judging her. In the afternoon Calli made another entrance on National dog show and again won CAC and BOB and thus became Champion of Bulgaria. Later she won also Reserve Best Of Group and made me very proud and happy.

Calli won CAC, BOB, 2nd BOG in Lviv and became Champion of Ukraine Together with my friend Missa and her dogs Calli and me took a long journey to Lviv, Ukraine which hosted National dog show "Lemberg Cup". On Friday and Saturday we had time for sight-seeing and walking the dogs, on Sunday we took part on dog show. Calli was feeling great and was very happy to be in the showring and she behaved especially wonderful in the main ring, where she captured the judge with her wonderful movement. She won CAC, became "Lemberg Cup Winner", was BOB and later she won 2nd place in Best of Group competition, so we were all very happy and proud on our black beauty. Because she is already Champion with this win she also became Champion of Ukraine. She is for sure first Swedish Lapphund in history with that title. We had a wonderful time in Ukraine and we left the beautiful country with many nice impressions.

Calli had a successful show weekend in Hungary Together with my friend Missa and her dogs Calli and me visited European dog show in Budapest on Saturday. Due to traffic caos Calli and I ran almost 2 kilometres on heavy rain to reach the showgrounds on time completely wed of course. Being there without her own cage and blanket and considering the fact that she has been out of shows for 10 months Calli acted very confused and unpleasant. She behaved strangely in the showring so we had to be satisfied with CAC and R.CACIB which is not so bad afterall.

On Sunday Hungarian Spitz Club organized a Clubshow and it was completely different story. We came there very early and had plenty of time to prepare for the show. Calli had her own cage and blanket there and she was very relaxed and happy. She presented herself very nicely in the showring and she was moving like a star so she won CAC and became Clubwinner. I was so happy that at least today she was best of all females. It was so nice seeing other Lappies and meeting and talking to some friends in other breeds. Seeing a beautiful French laekenois girl brought tears in my eyes because through her eyes I could see my own late Lejka whom I still miss very much. But I know that right now I can't afford to have another laekenois. We spent a lovely weekend in Hungary and I am sure we will be back on some other occassion.

Calli presented her pet therapy club Ambasadorji nasmeha on Children's Bazaar Together with some other dogs and their owners Calli represented her Club Ambasadorji nasmeha on Children’s Bazaar which is an educational and fair event that brings together children from all over Slovenia in one place in the beginning of the scholastic year, offering a wide range of creative workshops, play nooks, a rich programme, lots of sports and other activities. We all spent a nice day there and our daughter Lana enjoyed most in participating in different activities, playing games and of course jumping on a trampoline, which she just adores the last two years.

We made several walks and outings with our lappies in the nature During hot and long summer we made several walks and outings with our children and our furkids Nati and Calli in our beautiful country Slovenia. Dogs of course enjoyed in free running in the nature and playing and you can see some of the adventures on the photos.

Calli worked as pet therapy dog in Ljubljana's ZOO Today Calli visited Ljubljana's ZOO and enjoyed being a pet therapy dog after almost half year pause. She missed activities very much and is now happy and grateful to be back on track.

Happy 3rd Birthday our sweet bundle of joy Calli Today our eternal baby Calli is celebrating her 3rd Birthday. She is still very puppylike in so many ways and no one believes how old is she. She is a very happy and extremely optimistic baby and a bundle of joy and energy. Life with her is never boring as she is always ready to learn new tricks, do agility, go for a long walk and free running in the forrest or just enjoy playing with her toys or laying in my lap and being a real couch potato. She adores our little boy Tosja and gives him kisses and she is very gentle with him.

Our sweet miracle of life baby boy Tosja was born today Today late afternoon our family got a new human member - a very lovely little boy who is a very much loved brother, son and grandson. He got his name long before he was even conceived and as the meaning of his name suggests he is beyond expectation and reborn in so many ways. We expess sincere "thank you's" to all friends for their congratulations and invite you to enter into his life...

Happy 8th Birthday our beautiful black pixie Nati! Today our sweetie Nati is celebrating her 8th Birthday. I can't believe how quickly these years have gone by. I remember the day when I got a little puppy with devils in her eyes like it was yesterday and when I look at my beloved Nati I still see a lot of puppy in her. She is still very lively, playful and of course very food orientated. She was a great show lady for many years but now she doesn't like being in the showring anymore. She also was a good agility dog but competitions aren't something she enjoys in anymore. Still she likes travelling, long walks in the nature and playing with Calli. And she is simply the best and most uncomplicated lady you could ever wish for a companion. She loves being cuddled and at nights she shares a bed with me with her head or whole body resting on the pillow. She and Lana are wonderful friends since Lana was born. Nati is still a very proud and smart lady, quite dominant and very self-assured, always ready to learn new tricks where a tiny piece of food is still her best motivation and she is still extremely friendly to all people. So let me say a BIG THANK YOU to my pixie NATI for giving me 8 wonderful years full of adventures and happy moments and for proving me everyday that Lappies are simply ideal dogs for me and my family. And let me wish you my dear NATI at least another 8 happy, healthy and interesting years with Lana, Calli and the rest of our family.

Happy 3rd Birthday Aska, Badji and Ulli! Today Nati's daughters Aska and Ulli and her son Badji are celebrating their 3rd birthday. We hope that their special day is full of smiles and joys and filled with many pleasant surprises. We wish them and their families many happy moments together and hope that they will be together for many years to come.

A sweet surprise from Hungary Today our sweet baby Calli finally received her diploma for Hungarian Champion in beauty and together with it also a beautiful Cup with writing Hungarian Champion on it.

Two new Champions of Slovenia in beauty On a rainy Sunday Calli visited her first dogshow this year. She didn't have to travel very far as the show was held in our home city Ljubljana. Nati of course accompanied her and she was very happy to see her daughter Aska after quite a long time again. Aska has developed into a very beautiful girl and she is very much alike her mother. We are very proud on her and would like to thank Katja and her family for taking such a wonderful care of our smallest puppy and for visiting shows with Aska. Both Aska and Calli pleased at Danish all-round judge Ole Staunskjaer and with winning their fourth CAC title they both became Champions of Slovenia in Beauty. Aska is our first home-breed champion and we are very proud of her and would like to congratulate Katja. We wish them many happy moments together and many more successes on shows and in other activities.

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