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Calli became Champion of Turkey and Champion of Georgia On the third Saturday in December we travelled to San Marino where four dog shows in one day were organized. As always in San Marino organization of the shows was great, dogs were beautiful and we all felt very fine in the heated halls with carpets in show rings. Calli was in a very good mood for showing, so she presented herself perfectly in the rings all four times. Needless to say she won certificates and BOB titles each time and fulfilled the conditions for becoming also Turkish & Georgian Champion in beauty. This was Calli's last show in Champion class. Hopefully she will return to show rings next year in Veteran class.

Calli represented her society Ambassadors of smiles on the day of open doors of new Vet Clinics Moj Vet in Ljubljana On a rainy Thursday in November Calli with some other members of pet therapy society Ambassadors of smiles participated on the day of open doors of the new Veterinarian Clinics Moj Vet in Ljubljana. Read more...

Calli became Champion of Bosnia and Hercegovina and Champion of Republika Srpska On the first Saturday in September Calli travelled to Gradiška, where she took part on national all-breed dog show and on special dog show for group V. Judges couldn't believe she's already 7 years old since she was very playful, happy and friendly in the showring and she run like a poetry in motion. On both shows she won CAC & BOB titles and thus fullfilled the conditions for becoming Champion of Bosnia and Herzegovina and Champion of Republika Srpska. The show was very nicely organized with presentation of national folk music and dances and organizors showed great hospitality with offering degustation of delicious national specialities to exhibitors and visitors of the show.

Calli took part on event "Mad on animals" in Mostec, Ljubljana On last Sunday in May Calli together with some other members presented her pet therapy society Ambassadors of smiles and its mission on the charity event Mad on animals in Mostec, Ljubljana. She enjoyed being caressed and talked to many visitors in Mostec and people interested in pet therapy activities. Our son Tosja also enjoyed immensely in caressing other dog members of our society, giving them titbits and playing with them. We spend a nice afternoon in Mostec and its children playground.

Calli visited Big bugs and sea giants exhibition in Arboretum Just a day after World dog show we visited beautiful botanical garden and park Arboretum where Big bugs and sea giants exhibition was held. Our children Lana and Tosja enjoyed very much and so did Calli even if she had to be on the leash all the time. It was very interesting to see huge bugs and already extinct sea giants.

Calli is Vice World Winner 2012 On a sunny Saturday Calli took part on World Winner show in Salzburg, Austria. We had a wonderful time there, seeing many beautiful dogs and meeting many old friends. It was also great that we were allowed to walk dogs outside the showgrounds as there was a very lovely walking path with a nice stream where dogs could cool down a bit :) Salzburg was one of best organized World dog shows I visited so far.

Calli is new champion of Cyprus, Azerbaijan, Grand and Super Grand Champion of Moldova Calli is new Champion of Azerbaijan, Champion of Cyprus, Grand Champion of Moldova, Super Grand Champion of Moldova and Champion of Mediterranean after successful shows on Adriatic Cup in Čanj, Montenegro. More than on very relaxed shows Calli enjoyed on long walks along seaside, playing on the beach and swimming in the sea and visiting of national park Plitvice Lakes on the way to Montenegro. With these wins Calli is now carrying over 30 Championship Titles under her name :)

Happy 7th Birthday our youthful girl Calli
So graceful and pure
A smile bathed in light
No matter the distance
A miracle of sight
That's what you are
Our sweetest bundle of joy Calli!

On your Birthday we are wishing you a day that is as special in every way as you are and hoping you will continue to be our shining star lighting and filling our lives with joy, happiness and blissfulness for many more years.

Happy 12th Birthday our beautiful lady Nati We are so happy that we are able to congratulate Nati for her Birthday and wish her health, happiness, joy and love. We are so happy that our lovely lady Nati is still with us celebrating her 12th Birthday as a happy, joyful, proud and dignified lady. The past year hasn't been very kind to her - in May she was diagnosed with Cushing disease caused by adrenal tumor. Since she was already in very bad health condition at the time of diagnosis operation and any kind of aggressive radical medical treatment were out of question as she would not survive it. We were devastated but we haven't given up so quickly. Luckily also not so agressive medicines exist on the market, so we decided for a medicine which doesn't cure the disease but controls the symptomps. After only few days of treatment Nati's quality of life improved dramatically and most of Cushing's symptomps have gone away. Only her eternal hunger remained, as she has always been greedy, so we are used to it. Maybe we overlooked the initial signs of Cushing disease in Nati because she has always been greedy, satisfied, quiet and not very active lady. Thanks to medicines Nati's will for life returned. She is enjoying her life to the fullest and she became a happy girl again interested in many things and she is our great companion and friend taking part in all our activities. Lately she is very happy and proud when our son Tosja walks and runs with her holding her leash - the two of them are inseparable friends. When she runs with Tosja she always proudly carries her head up and she runs nicely and smoothly as she was running in her best years. She is a very brave girl living her life to the fullest and never giving up. She is still the most indiscreet beggar at my table and the lady with the softest velvet look in her eyes and the loveliest smiling face and we all love her very much. She is our little velvet teddy bear and we hope that she will stay with us for some more time.

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