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Calli is Austrian Bundessieger On last Saturday in September we took a trip to Austrian town Tulln where International Bundessieger show was held. Calli was happy to be on the show again after 3 months. She presented herself very well in the showring and she pleased at Austrian judge Erwin Deutscher with winning CAC, CACIB, BOB and Austrian Bundessieger title. We are very proud on our black beauty who is still very playful and very puppylike.

Calli is new Grand Champion of Czech Republic Today our happy bundle of joy Calli visited International dog show "Intercanis" in Brno, Czech Republic. Once again she proved, that she is a dog of excellent quality and with winning full package of titles CAC, CACIB and BOB she became new Grand Champion of Czech Republic. We are very proud on our black girl who captured our hearts with her personality plus. The show was very interesting because on the showgrounds there was also a cat show, show of small animals and a horse show with many horse's performances in the ring. We like the shows in Brno, which are always excellently organized and we hope to came back in 2014, if not sooner, when Brno will host European dog show.

Calli as a pet therapy dog visited ZOO in Ljubljana
Today our "Ambassador of smiles" Calli visited Ljubljana's ZOO and enjoyed being a pet therapy dog as this means she was caressed by many children and adults who came in the ZOO as visitors. Our son Tosja enjoyed immensely in company of animals from Children's ZOO and he also had frog, salamander, cockroach, bird spider, snake and other animals in his hands. Lana and Tosja both enjoyed on the payground and after visiting ZOO we also stopped at Park Tivoli where the first Animal Angels Day was held and walked to the city center of Ljubljana to get delicious ice-cream in which also Calli, who normally doesn't like ice-cream, enjoyed.

Calli as a pet therapy dog visited children in Okroglo near Kranj
Today our "Ambassador of smiles" Calli visited children with special needs and their parents who were on a weekend seminar, organized by Alliance of blind and visually impaired persons of Slovenia, which was held in Okroglo near Kranj. Our whole family had a great day there. Like two years ago also this time the visit was more of Animal Assistance Activity nature and Calli enjoyed very much in it. as she had great company of children with special needs, their siblings and their aprents.There were many children with different needs but all of them were able and willing to pet Calli and get a kiss from her in return. Some of the kids brushed her coat, gave her titbits and took her for a walk and she enjoyed in all activities. She also showed some tricks and lend herself as a pillow for some kids who put their heads on Calli's back and enjoyed hugging and caressing her. She was also very gentle with children in wheelchairs who showed their appreciation with big smiles on their faces and voices of satisfaction. I felt so great knowing that with Calli we made a day full of smiles and happiness for many children who don't have dog company everyday and who feel neglected, misunderstood and unloved in our society where mostly only normal things are tolerated. Those children are really sweet and gentle and I hope that together with Calli who adores them we will help in making them many more happy and smiling days.

Calli became VDH Europasieger 2011 in Dortmund
Following footsteps of her older sisters Lejka and Nati, who both won the VDH Europasieger title also Calli gave all of herself in and showed herself off perfectly to be awarded with this prestigious title as well VDH.CH.A, CAC and CACIB . She had a strong competitior in a very beautiful girl Lillmusties Lucia from Sweden, who is one of the most successful lappie ladies in Sweden. The two girls met already in Budapest during European Dog Show 2008 where Lucia became European Champion one day and Calli became Club Champion the second day. Also in Dortmund was the same. Lucia won over Calli and became FCI Centennary Champion on Friday, while Calli became VDH Europasieger on Saturday. The BOB winner both days was a stunning boy Lillmusties Loffe also from Sweden. We spent wonderful time in Dortmund and I would like to thank Mrs. and Mr. Baath for nice company and much lappie talk during the show, with Calli we also enjoyed on Sunday watching interesting programm in the main ring - rescue dogs, agility dogs, dog dancing, tricks show, border collies herding gooses and magician show with dogs. Dortmund continues to be one of the best organized and one of the most dog friendly shows I have ever visited and I hope to return sooner than in 8 years like it has been since my last visit.

Adriatic Cup Winner Calli is new Champion of Montenegro, Moldova, Balkan and Balkan Champion
This has been a busy holiday weekend for Calli. She took a long trip to lovely and friendly town Bar in Montenegro and took part not in one, not in two but in six (one international and five national) dog shows in three days. This long show weekend was called Adriatic Cup. There was some sun, there was some rain but nothing stopped Calli from winning all possible titles under six different judges and becoming Champion of Montenegro, Champion of Moldova, Champion of Balkan and Balkan Champion .Not to be misleading Balkan Champion is official champion title of Bulgarian Kennel Club and is awarded to dogs who are already Grand Champions of Bulgaria if they win another CAC-Bulgaria in Champion class. While Champion of Balkan is unofficial title and was during the Adriatic Cup awarded to dogs who won three different Championship titles in three days.Calli surely deserves a big congratulation. I would like to thank my Swedish friend Ritva and her lovely Norsk Buhund Freke, my friend Maša and her supersweet border collie Shimmy and Zdenka with family and wonderful cinammon chow chow Macho for wonderful company at the shows. We had a great time in Montenegro and will be back soon - maybe for family holidays on beautiful sandy beaches near Ulcinj.

Calli successfully opened her new show season
On a sunny Easter Sunday Calli visited her first International dog show this year. The show was held in lovely Czech town Česke Budejovice. She opened the judging in her ring and returned from it with CAC, CACIB and BOB . As the weather was sunny and warm we took a long walk around showgrounds, had a look at very diverse offer on trade stands, tasted delicious langos as always and fantastic ice-cream in which also Nati who accompanied us enjoyed immensely. Although we didn't wait for BIS competition we spent a lovely day at Budejovice. And I must admitt once more that shows in Czech Republic are really perfectly organized.

Happy 6th Birthday, Calli!
It's a happy day for our Calli who just turned six. She still refuses to grow up and remains our playful and joyful little girl like she was years ago when she joined our family. Have a happy, joyful and playful birthday, Calli!

Happy 11th Birthday Nati
Our Nati added another candle to her birthday cake. She is celebrating her 11th birthday today and despite all the years and all the wonderful moments we've shared together she can still be our little cuddling puppy sometimes. May you stay with us for many more years, dear Nati.

Happy 6th Birthday Aska, Ulli and Badji
Today Nati's children Aska, Ulli and Badji are already 6 years young today. It's unbelievable how quickly time passes us by. It seems to me that it was not so long ago when they were small babies, but when you look at them now they are all grown-up dogs in their best years. They all have wonderful personalities and they bring a lot of joy and happiness to their caring and loving families. They all live a happy life as companions and very much loved family members and we hope they will continue to do so for many more years to come. On this very special day we wish Aska, Ulli and Badji a very Happy Birthday. May you all have a joyful day filled with love, happiness, many tasty titbits and sweet surprises, may you be surrounded by family and friends and may you stay happy and healthy with sparkles in your eyes for many more years to come.

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