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Calli won a triple crown with becoming also Hungaria Show Champion On penultimate Sunday in October we travelled to a lovely Hungarian town Dunaújváros situated at the Danube river where a National dogshow was held. The showgrounds were placed on camping place just beside Danube river, so the athmosphere was very pleasant. We had a strict but very fair and correct judge Mr. Paroci Pal from Serbia who gave more very good and good marks than excellent ones even in champion class. Only really excellent and typical dogs of champion quality got challenge certificates so I am very proud to say that our Calli was among them. The judge praised her highly and she showed all of her good qualities in the showring. With winning CAC and BOB title she is now proud holder of Hungaria Show Champion title. Nati accompanied us as usually because she really likes car rides and outings altough we don't show her anymore. After the judgement we took a nice walk down the riverside where Calli could run freely and play with me. Calli was amazed watching fishermen and she just starred when one of them caught a big fish. We bought tasty titbits to both girls and beside their own meal they also got some pieces of langos from us. They are really delicious. Once again we didn't wait on BIS competition as our children stayed at home and our baby-sitters (grandmothers) are not very happy when the irresponsible parents go to dogshows. All in all we spent a very lovely Sunday on the show and we returned home happy and full of nice memories.

Calli is European Winner with BOB Today Calli took part on the most important dog show this year - the prestigious Eurodogshow which was organized nearby in Celje, Slovenia. Expectations were high and Calli fulfilled them all with becoming European Winner 2010 and BOB under the reputable Italian judge Antonio Di Lorenzo. Calli is after our late Belgian Laekenois Lejka who became European Winner with BOB in Tulln, 1999 and our sweet lappie lady Nati who became European Winner with BOB in Bratislava 2003 and European Winner in Tulln 2005 our third girl with the European Winner Title. We are so happy and proud on our beautiful girl who is very sweet-tempered and gentle lady and our loving companion and friend.

Calli is European Club Winner
Today late afternoon Calli took part on the European Club Show of Slovenian Club for dog breeds belonging to Group V. The judge was famous Finnish judge Elina Tan-Hietalahti who liked Calli very much and said she is very beautiful and has the sweetest expression. She was kissing Calli in the showring and Calli kissed her back so we spent a nice time in the showring. Calli became Club Winner and BOB and we are so proud on our little black bundle of joy because expert and special judges always prize her very highly. We didn't wait for BIS competition because it started too late - at 10 0'clock in the evening. It was so nice talking with old friends and meeting the new ones.

Calli became Czech National Winner
After almost 5 months Calli took part on the show again and Nati was a supporter and companion. On a rainy Sunday we travelled with our both girls to Brno in Czech Republic. The show was excellently organized, the rings were big and spacious so all dogs and people felt good on the show. Calli pleased at the Czech judge Mr. Nemec and won CAC, National Winner of Czech Republic and BOB title. We are very happy and proud on our beautiful girl and despite the rain we made nice walks nearby showgrounds and . Altough we left the show before Best In Show we spent a lovely day in Brno.

Calli winnining CAC and BOB in Hungary again
After 15 years we took part on a show in Szekesfehervar again, this time with Calli and Nati as a supporter and companion. Calli enjoyed the show very much and behaved nicely in the ring so she got CAC and BOB title and the judge said she's very beautiful. This was Calli's last show before autumn since she started to change her winter coat for the summer coat. We enjoyed immensely watching a horse show and we made several nice walks nearby showgrounds. Altough we left the show before Best In Show we spent a lovely day near Balaton lake.

Calli became Hungarian Spitz Club Winner for the third time
On a sunny Saturday Calli and Nati as a supporter and companion travelled to lovely town of Komarom where the shows were held outside in the fortress. Calli had a very busy day as she took part on International show in the morning and won CAC, CACIB and BOB, while in the afternoon she took part on the 10th Anniversary show of the Hungarian Spitz Club. In a very lovely athmosphere she won CAC, Club Winner and BOB title. We met many old and new friends there and Calli showed herself really nicely. She was very playful and energetic so many people thought she is a junior and again many people were very interested in a Swedish Lapphund which I think is very positive for our lovely breed. Calli received many cuddling and caressing and she gave out many wet kisses so she really was very happy to be on the show. Also Nati felt great on the show as she got many titbits from fellow exhibitors and also some caressing. The show was excellently organized and we made many walks inside of the fortress. I hope we return here someday.

Calli on her way to Swiss Championship
This weekend Calli and I travelled to Switzerland where we took part on two international dog shows which were held in St. Gallen. Calli got CAC, CACIB and BOB both days at two different Swiss judges, so she is now halfway to Swiss Championship title. Beside the shows we made long walks in the forrest and visited puppies of Great Swiss Mountain Dog. We also admired llamas and alpakas. Calli enjoyed playing with buhunds, islandhunds and finnish lapphunds and I enjoyed talking with their owners. We spent a wonderful time in Switzerland and I hope we will come back someday.

Calli is Hungarian Grand Champion
Today we spent a lovely day in a Hungarian small town Kapuvar where a National dogshow was held. Calli took part on the show and with winning her final CAC and BOB title she finished her Hungarian Grand Champion Title. Altough Nati doesn't compete in show rings anymore, she accompanied us, because she likes riding in a car visiting interesting places. We met several old friends there and chat with them and made long walks near showgrounds with Calli and Nati. As always on shows Calli likes poodles above all and this time she found her ideal playmate in a silver standard poodle girl. We are very proud on our sweet and happy girl Calli who is now proud holder of 23 different Champion Titles.

We made several family outings around our beautiful country
Last week in April our daughter Lana had school holidays, so our son Tosja also skipped his "working week" in kindergarden. Days were mostly sunny and warm, so we took several trips around our beautiful country and one trip to Austria. To all trips, except the one to the Fairytale Forrest in Austria, Nati and Calli went with us. We mostly made hiking trips in Gorenjska region, as we all love the north-western part of our beautiful country. You can find here some impressions from our trips.

Happy 5th Birthday Our Sweetheart Calli
I just can't believe that Calli is already celebrating her 5th Birthday. She is still a child at heart and still very puppylike so many strange people we meet think she's a puppy especially when Nati is around. Unlike many other lappies who would do everything for titbits, Calli would do everything for caressing and she's in heaven when she's allowed to give wet kisses to people or dogs. Calli is the most optimistic creature I've ever seen and for her everything is new and interesting. She's our very funny and very happy little clown always ready to learn something new, always ready for any activity our family is up to. She will patiently walk on a leash around the house with our little son Tosja and allow him to lay his head upon her back and when he says »My sweetheart Calli give me kisses« she is more than happy to kiss his hands, his face, his hair and then both of them are happy and smiling. She feels well everywhere and is totally uncomplicated baby. We hope she stays playful, active and extremely sweet for a long, long time. She might be showqueen, extremely nice therapy dog, good agility dog but what matter most is her personality plus which makes her simply perfect and ideal dog for our whole family. So here's wishing you a very Happy Birthday our sweet and gentle baby Calli and hoping you will continue to live a happy life with our family and get many sweet surprises and new adventures.

Calli won her first agility competition today and fulfilled her second condition for A2 level
Today we spent a nice and windy day in Vipava, where first agility competition for this year's Slovenian Championship was held. After a very long pause Calli and me also took part on this competition. Calli seemed to like the environment, she was very playful, energetic and very loud like many other dogs. In agility run she almost got off-course after first jump but luckily I managed to call her back successfully and send her into the tunnel altough unfortunately at the same time I also slowed her down but we managed to run a clean run after all in standard time, so Calli made her second condition for A2 level. I was very happy and proud on my little bundle of joy who soon got some tasteful titbits and was ready to wait on her second jumping run. Combinations of jumps in circles are always rather boring for Calli, so she ran really slowly but made no other mistakes altough my handling was very bad. Despite penalty points on time in jumping run, Calli still managed to win the competition to my big surprise, because no other dog had two clean runs. Calli also had a nice time running and playing with other dogs and walking and playing with us altough waiting on winning ceremony was somewhat boring. But not for Calli, she always finds something interesting to do and as she is a dog who just adores cuddling, she found adult people and kids who caressed her and talked to her. So I am sure she spent a nice day in Vipava.I am especially proud on my sweet Calli also because this win makes her the second swedish lapphund in Slovenia who managed to win an agility competition in Slovenia out of two swedish lapphunds who ever competed (the second one is our Nati).

Happy 10th Birthday, our sweet pixie Nati!
Today our pixie Nati is celebrating her 10th Birthday and through the years she has turned herself from a naughty, lively and curious little puppy into a beautiful, dignified, proud and smart lady. I am amazed how quickly time has flown by and so many things have happened over a decade. Since her birth Nati was a bold and beautiful puppy, always curious and always extremely friendly to all people she met in her life. She was writing the history as she became first representative of her breed in Slovenia and whole Middle and East Europe, first Swedish Lapphund show champion of many European countries in history, first Swedish Lapphund that ever took part and won agility competitions held in Slovenia and mother to first Slovenian litter of Swedish Lapphunds. Since her puppyhood she always has dog company. Her role model and great friend was our late Lejka who warmly welcomed her and taught her many useful things. When little Lana joined our family she and Nati became wonderful friends, who play togethe and share the bed at nights and make numerous walks together. After sad loss of Nati’s daughter Idja we got a new ray of hope and light in our joyfull puppy Calli whom Nati accepted like a mother accepts her daughter and even now after almost 5 years she still protects her like she was her puppy daughter. They are inseparable friends and they both love long walks and hiking trips in the nature very much and they love to ride in a car and visiting new places. Almost 2 years ago our son Tosja was born and Nati immediately became his nanny. Tosja is a very witty boy but Nati always patiently bears all roguery Tosja is doing with her. He likes to give her titbits and they are great partners in different plays and wonderful companions. They both are full of surprises so no wonder they get along so well. Nati is simply the best and most uncomplicated lady you could ever wish for a companion and she has the softest velvet look in her eyes and the loveliest smiling face and we all love her very, very much. So let me say a BIG THANK YOU to my pixie NATI for giving us 10 wonderful years full of adventures and happy moments and for proving us everyday that Lappies are simply ideal dogs for me and my family. So let me wish you our dear NATI many more happy, healthy and interesting years with Lana, Tosja, Calli and the rest of our family.

Today is 10th anniversary since our beloved Gari crossed the Rainbow bridge
We still miss him and we will remember our beloved Gari as a very proud and special little boy who will live in our hearts forever until the day when we cross the Rainbow Bridge together.

Calli is new Czech Champion in beauty This weekend we travelled to a dog show again after almost 4 months. We participated on two International Dog Shows in Brno, Czech Republic on Saturday and on Sunday. It was Calli's second visit of Czech Republic and she repeated her last year's show successes. Both days she showed herself almost perfectly and won CAC, CACIB and BOB and thus fullfilled the conditions for Czech Championship Title. The organization of the shows was excellent and we got our Diplomas for Czech Champion in the show office during the show. We had a woderful time at the shows and we also had great time outside show grounds so Brno remains one of our favourite destinations.

Happy 5th Birthday Aska, Ulli and Badji
Today Nati's children Aska, Ulli and Badji are celebrating their 5th Birthday already. I can't believe how quickly time passes us by. When we had puppies, our daughter Lana was just a toddler and now she is already a schoolgirl and a little lady and so the puppies are already in their best years. I would like to thank their owners Katja, Andreja and Rhonda for taking such a wonderful care of them and for allowing them living a full life of a companion and family member. Badji got a new friend last year - a lovely border collie mix rescued girl who got the name Idja in memory of his deceased little sister. They seem to enjoy their life together a lot. Aska enjoys on long walks, outings, hikings, travellings and sailings with Katja and her family and is a very lovely lappie lady. And Ulli is still the most obedient lappie I know, she can be off leash all the time and is just an ideal girl for Andreja and her family and escpecially her three granddaughters.

So here's wishing you all a wonderful and happy day full of joy, love and pleasant surprises and that you will all continue to bring joy to your families and spend many happy moments with them for many more years to come.

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